Corporate Communication Services

Do you think your communication skills are getting in the way of that next promotion?

Do you believe that your accent could be an obstacle to signing that next account?

Does your voice tell on you? Do you wish your voice would project confidence and authority?

Do your customers/colleagues have a hard time understanding you?


Corporate speech pathology services are for you!

It is common knowledge that communication skills are critical in today's business world. Corporate communication is about verbal and nonverbal skills that create connections every business professional needs.

Nithya's long history of public speaking awards, debating and presentations both locally and at the state level provide her with the experience and expertise you need for success in your career and life.  As a speech pathologist with over 21 years experience, her combination of personal success with public speaking and lecturing as well as professional skills will help your career now and in the future.

Call 425-931-5550 for more information on how Nithya Siva, SLP can help you move your career to the next level.