•  assessment and treatment for adults, adolescents and children (2 and older)
  • cognitive-communication, communication and articulation disorders, both acquired and developmental
  • stroke, TBI, mild TBI, voice, vocal cord disorder/paradoxical vocal fold motion, swallowing disorders, head and neck cancer pre and post radiation/surgery assessment and consultation, ALS/MS, Parkinson's
  • augmentative communication - low tech and high tech
  • services provided in your home or workplace
  • tailored assessment and treatment to fit individual needs
  • assessment and treatment of both acute and chronic communication disabilities

Models of Treatment


  • direct 1:1, small group as appropriate
  • indirect including consultation, collaboration
  • emphasis on treatment in context and familiar environments
  • inclusive models of managing developmental disabilities
  • family training, caregiver training
  • vocational and avocational focus
  • health literacy
  • integrating motor and cognitive/communication goals
  • functional, real-life situations


Specific Methods

  • Lee Silverman Voice Treatment Certified
  • Neuro Developmental Treatment for Adults with Hemiplegia Certified
  • PROMPT trained
  • Modified Barium Swallow Impairment Certified
  • Lidcombe Method for stuttering trained

Do I need ABA or speech-language therapy?

It is easy to get confused or even misled as to whether you need ABA services, and/or speech-language services.  

This blog can help you understand and to determine what's best for you.